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Precinct Governance

The four Precinct partners have agreed that whilst maintaining their own autonomy they will ensure the effective operation of the Precinct by establishing a Board to provide overall leadership, an Education Committee to establish and maintain educational linkages between the partners and an Assets Management and Operations Committee to oversee the maintenance and development of the assets of the Precinct. The terms of reference of these bodies are shown below.

The Board will:

  • Provide leadership in relation to the achievement of the objectives of the Precinct.
  • Provide advice to the Parties to the MoU on all matters relating to the Precinct.
  • Provide leadership in the education and planning processes of the Precinct, with particular attention to;
    • curriculum development
    • articulation of pathways
    • development of innovative practice
    • professional development of staff
    • research and
    • development and maintenance of Precinct identity and image.
  • Provide leadership and oversee matters relating to:
    • shared services
    • common areas
    • the Precinct master plan
    • usage which impacts on other parties.

The Asset Management and Operations Committee will:

  • Manage shared Precinct assets on behalf of the Parties
  • Recommend to the Board agreements on the shared use of facilities and grounds
  • Manage asset and procedural matters requiring joint or collective discussion or decisions between the Parties
  • Recommend to the Board an annual financial contribution to a fund from each of the Parties for minor maintenance and how this will be administered
  • Develop and manage a maintenance budget on behalf of the Board and the Parties to the MoU
  • Prepare financial arrangements relating to operational matters for the Precinct e.g. roads, paths, water sewerage pumps etc
  • Prepare  operational and financial agreements for approval by the Board and Parties
  • Prepare Annual Financial Statements and presentation to the Board
  • Prepare periodic reviews of cost sharing arrangements to ensure these reflect usage and
  • Establish advertising protocols for advertising on campus. Such protocols to apply to all parties having tenancy on the Precinct”.

The Nirimba Education Committee is responsible to the Board for ensuring that educational matters affecting the parties are cooperatively addressed and implemented through the development of education and training initiatives which promote cross-sectoral and collaborative pathways for both students and staff. The role of the Education Committee is to initiate, develop and support education and training which enhances the educational and developmental opportunities of students through cross sectoral and collaborative pathways.

The Education Committee will:

  • Initiate and facilitate the development of innovative education and training opportunities
  • Strengthen and expand existing cross sectoral arrangements and articulation agreements
  • Promote the Precinct as a co-located and collaborative learning community
  • Identify and develop opportunities for cross-sectoral professional development
  • Monitor, evaluate and report on Precinct projects and initiatives
  • Make recommendations to the Board relating to educational policy
  • Provide coordinated cross sectoral course information to Precinct Parties
  • Seek financial support and manage an appropriate budget
  • Recognise and develop external links with the community and industry
  • Cooperatively utilise the educational resources and support services of the Precinct in order to maximise benefits for all students and staff and
  • Coordinate appropriate research.