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The Nirimba Education Precinct is a multi-institutional educational campus located at Quakers Hill in the rapidly developing area of North West Sydney. Comprised of co-educational secondary providers, TAFE and a University College, the Precinct was established in 1995 with the intent to leverage the various partners' expertise to provide flexible opportunities for post compulsory education for the students of Greater Western Sydney. With a focus on excellence, innovation and collaborative approaches to educational offerings, the Precinct partners are able to provide a unique learning experience and various pathways opportunities on a single campus.

Partners in the Precinct include the NSW Department of Education and Training as represented by Wyndham College, and TAFE NSW - Western Sydney Institute, the Catholic Education Office as represented by St John Paul II Catholic College; and the Western Sydney University represented by Western Sydney University The College. Joint activities on the campus are governed by a Board with representation from all parties and a rotating chair. The Board strategy is implemented through two subcommittees, one focused on educational innovation and opportunities, and the other on operational matters.


INTERESTED IN BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION? Project Management, Site Supervision,...

5 July 2018


Project Management, Site Supervision, Contract Administration, Site Management, Contract Management, Estimator, Site Management and Site Foreperson are some of the careers that both younger and older folk can enter today and thus make a substantial difference to lifestyle, well-being, self-esteem and overall happiness. There are heaps of 'Building Job Offers' out there (just have a look on 'Gumtree' or go to 'Seek') and these opportunities are increasing with the number of New Contracts that are envisaged to start in NSW this year.

Potential employees seeking these high paid positions (see above) need to consider that any type of education or training (be it formal or non-formal) improves skills and employability. This suggests that it is extremely important to obtain the BEST TRAINING available today to ensure that you have a greater chance of gaining employment in the Construction Industry.

Most Building Employers in the Western Sydney Area (and the whole of Sydney as well) today, would have been educated at a TAFE College, so they will know the difference (the advantage of thorough learning procedures) between other private training organisations and TAFE-trained builders. It is a well-known fact (within our industry) that TAFE-trained students are better educated and are more sought after for employment positions than any of the others. Remember that if the potential 'boss' has been TAFE trained, then your chances of gaining employment with this company will also increase.

So 'Enhance Your Employment Prospects' come and 'LLL' (Look, Listen & Learn) in a class 'Face to Face' environment or 'Blended'/'Flexible' on-line delivery at NIRIMBA TAFE in Quakers Hill NSW. You will be surprised how enjoyable the course is and please be advised that no matter what you do or where you end up in your life's journey, the communication process is the biggest attribute to your success.

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Nirimba Education Precinct shared St John Paul II Catholic College, Schofields & Nirimba's post — at Western Sydney University The College.

27 June 2018

An example of our partners working together!
Western Sydney University The College hosted Year 11 Science students from St John Paul II Catholic College, Schofields & Nirimba in U22 today to give them an experience of University life to help them better determine if a degree in Science could be an option for them in the future!
Tomorrow, Wyndham College students will also have the opportunity to check out the Science labs and conduct their own experiments with the WSU staff!

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27 June 2018

TAFE NSW have some vacancies in their pre-apprenticeship courses for those interested!
Please view the flyers attached for more information.

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