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NEP Breakfast with Professor Holmes Provides New Insight on STEM

Professor Holmes

On Wednesday, 29 June, over 40 staff within the Nirimba Education Precinct gathered at the Tradewynds Cafe for an insightful breakfast seminar on "STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics" presented by Professor Kathryn Holmes. This event included professionals from Western Sydney University The College, St John Paul II Catholic College, Wyndham College and TAFE Western Sydney who are involved in mathematics, science and technology education.

Professor Holmes joined Western Sydney University in February 2016 as Professor of Education (Science, Mathematics, Technology) and focuses her research in teacher education, mathematics education educational equity and educational technology. During her presentation at the breakfast, the staff gained insight around trends in students' understanding of STEM, preferences and perceptions as they develop and plan for their future, gender differences and popular patterns within today's society.

The professional learning breakfast was very positively evaluated by participants. Those who attended found it to be extremely useful and left with a new insight on students' understandings and involvement of STEM in today's society. This event is one of many organised within the Nirimba Education Precinct in which partners work together and learn together towards better meeting the needs of students in Western Sydney.