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2016 Nirimba Education Precinct ANZAC Day Ceremony

Nirimba Precinct ANZAC Ceremony 2016

St John Paul II and Wyndham College were privileged to have members of the Nirimba Naval Association of Australia present at their ANZAC Ceremonies this year.

On Wednesday, 27 April and Thursday, 28 April, Wyndham College and St John Paul II Catholic College reflected on the time of the ANZACs at four very intimate ANZAC ceremonies. Each ceremony was lucky to have a special presenter from the Association to share their thoughts and experiences in honour of the ANZACs including Bruce Bowmaker, Michael Nash, Leslie Gibson and Robert Forster.

Students respectfully attended their ceremonies and listened to some inspiring history and stories from the time. We would like to thank the members of the Association for attending and playing such an important role in our precinct ceremonies.