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Western Sydney University Science Experiences with Precinct Partners

On Thursday, 8 October, Year 11 Science Students from St John Paul II Catholic College and Wyndham College had to opportunity to attend university classes at Western Sydney University!
These science experiences were offered as part of their partnership established within the Nirimba Education Precinct.Students experienced university-focused classes in a range of sciences offered at the University, giving them the opportunity to 'taste-test' university life as science students and learn more around their subjects.
Biology students tested the effect of pH on the reaction rate of an enzyme, physics students measured acceleration dye to gravity using pendulums and chemistry students used light to measure the concentration of unknown solutions.
The students benefited greatly from the program and had a fantastic time working in a university environment. Conversations from students after the experience were very positive and motivational - as one student asked if they can take part in the science experience again, another answered "of course you can, go to Western Sydney University after the HSC!".
Programs such as this provides our students with experiences and open doors to opportunities in their pathways after school. The science experiences definitely gave the students confidence to consider science university courses in the future and inspiration to work towards their goals in their final year of high school.