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Taste of Ongoing Success at Nirimba

Fifteen students from the Nirimba High Schools – St John Paul II Catholic College and Wyndham College, received awards, along with a Nirimba TAFE College student, in a recent Celebration Ceremony held at Nirimba. All students were successful in negotiating pathways to tertiary education on the Precinct.

The TAFE student- Samantha Power, formerly of Terra Sancta College (now re-named St John Paul II Catholic College) received the Nirimba Education Precinct TAFE Pathway Award. Samantha is studying towards the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care offered by TAFE. Samantha received a fee waiver for one term in the TAFE Western Sydney Bachelor of Early Education and Care (Birth – 5) valued at up to $3600.

The remaining students were a part of the Nirimba UWS Access Program, where talented students from Year 11 at either of the Precinct High Schools are given the opportunity to undertake a University of Western Sydney unit of study. The program which has been in operation for some years now, enables students to study within Western Sydney University The College for a term.

“The results this year have been spectacular”, said Ian Wing, the Nirimba Education Precinct Development Manager. “The students who completed their studies late last year are now in Year 12 in the Precinct schools. They achieved 7 High Distinctions, 6 Distinctions and 2 Credits”, he said.

Students who achieve a Distinction or High Distinction in the unit they undertake are eligible for an award provided by the University of Western Sydney of $500 to assist them towards their study in Year 12, and, in addition, a scholarship of $5,000 per year for up to four years if they subsequently enrol in Western Sydney University – which, of course, most do.

All students who pass their unit receive an early offer of entry to Western Sydney University– having already demonstrated their capacity for university study.

The 2015 program also began this week, with twenty students from the two schools undertaking their orientation activities.

The program is seen as a huge success by all parties.